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My family needs gentle care

Dental health moves through many stages. Dr. Dan Hwang in Marysville, WA offers a range of preventive, cosmetic, & functional care for every age.

I need a tooth replaced

Dental implants, bridges & dentures provide solutions for missing teeth. Dr. Dan Hwang brings his expertise to direct your tooth replacement case at every stage.

I want a Flawless smile

Marysville, WA’s best dentist, Dr. Dan Hwang, offers cosmetic dentistry options that perfect your smile & restore your confidence.

Welcome to Creo Dentistry!


Why Choose Us?

With our convenient location in Marysville, WA, we are your local family friendly dental office, caring for families in the surrounding communities of North Everett, Lake Stevens, Arlington, Stanwood, Camano Island. 

We manage everything from your children’s checkups to implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, All-On-4® implant-supported restorations, and Invisalign. 

In Latin, the word creo means “to create or produce through imaginative skill,” and that embodies our dental philosophy precisely. Dentistry sometimes requires us to use our imagination to create the beautiful, healthy smiles that our patients have always dreamed of. 

Dr. Hwang’s favorite sitcom from the 80s is Cheers, and he uses their classic theme song as the guideline for how he and his team treat their patients. There is something about a place "where everybody knows your name." We have all been somewhere where we felt like a number and were herded through in a system with no heart. Our team understands it takes courage for many to come to a dental office. At Creo Dentistry, we consider it a privilege to meet different people, hear their unique stories, and become a small part of their lives. How can we get to know you and grow with you? 

We provide quality dental care, conveniently in your neighborhood and cater to your schedule. Because your comfort is important to us, we offer many of the modern amenities you’ve come to expect in a dental office. We believe that whatever your dental needs may be, you will be treated with the highest quality dentistry available and with the most compassionate, respectful care you deserve. 

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There is something so fulfilling about seeing someone’s self-confidence or dignity being restored because we helped them smile! It is a privilege to meet different people, hear their unique stories, and become a small part of their lives.

I come to the clinic each day counting my blessings because I have the most trustworthy and coolest team ever! My staff gives me reason to smile and laugh each morning as we go over every patient we will see that day. There is a long history of colleagues staying for years and hopefully that says something, not only about the work environment but about the ingrained culture to love and care for others generously.

What our patients have to say:

"Last summer I had a problem with a tooth. I went to see Creo Dentistry and they told me what my options were. I decided my best one was a dental implant. I expected it to be a painful procedure; however, I didn't experience any pain during the procedure nor anytime afterward. I feel Dr. Hwang is an outstanding dentist and Marysville is very fortunate to have him. I'm really pleased with my front tooth implant and no one can tell which tooth is my implant!"
"My mom did very well through the whole procedure and on more than one occasion she talked about how nice Dr. Hwang and the staff are. Creo Dentistry is so caring and they show great professionalism. My mom’s implants look fabulous (a true work of art), and I loved seeing the joy and pride they take in their work. I can never thank Dr. Hwang enough for what he did for my mom. He and his staff truly changed her quality of life."
"A co-worker recommended Creo Dentistry; he'd been going to them for years. I am glad I took his recommendation. I talked to Dr. Hwang about an implant; he described options and what his methods are. He is very skilled and keeps up with the latest procedures and tools. I appreciate Dr. Hwang's professionalism and care. If you want your dental work done right, go to Creo Dentistry!"