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Welcome to marysville dental office Creo Dentistry! How can we help?

My family needs gentle care

Dental health moves through many stages. Dr. Dan Hwang in Marysville, WA offers a range of preventive, cosmetic, & functional care for every age.

I need a tooth replaced

Dental implants, bridges & dentures provide solutions for missing teeth. Dr. Dan Hwang brings his expertise to direct your tooth replacement case at every stage.

I want a Flawless smile

Marysville, WA’s best dentist, Dr. Dan Hwang, offers cosmetic dentistry options that perfect your smile & restore your confidence.

At our Marysville, WA, dental clinic, we offer our patients full and complete dental care, including:

Additionally, we offer treatment for sleep apnea and provide solutions to teeth grinding. And if the thought of going to the dentist office makes you a little apprehensive, don’t worry – we offer sedation dentistry. You won’t feel a thing.

Dentist creates beautiful, healthy smiles with a blend of personal and advanced care

Welcome to Creo Dentistry! Our name speaks volumes about our approach to caring for the beauty and health of your smile. “Creo” is Latin for “to create,” “produce,” or “bear fruit.” Led by dentist Dr. Dan Hwang, our team in Marysville, Washington, is privileged to apply our artistry, ingenuity, and technical skill to create smiles that are as attractive as they are functional and support each patient’s overall health and well-being. We accomplish this within an environment that embodies the theme song from Dr. Hwang’s favorite series from the 1980s: “where everybody knows your name.”

With an emphasis on warm, non-judgmental, and truly caring care, he wants all patients to feel welcome – regardless of age, oral health status, previous experiences at other dentist’s offices, and level of apprehension or fear. When combined with techniques and technologies that promote gentle and comfortable treatment, this friendly and home-like environment adds up to “fear-free dentistry.”

We want you and your family to return to our office for the routine visits that are necessary for optimal oral and overall health. When your gums are diseased or your teeth are decayed, the associated bacteria and inflammation can travel to other parts of your body (via your bloodstream). For this reason, conditions like periodontal disease are risk factors for heart problems and other serious, systemic disorders. When you maintain preventive exams and cleanings at our office, you do the rest of your body good.

We’ve provided a bite-sized list of some of the services and technologies that complement and support our mission to provide quality, advanced dentistry within an inviting setting that eases anxiety and promotes trust:

  • Calming and safe oral medications to help you relax
  • Non-invasive diagnostics to accurately and precisely detect early-stage problems and gently resolve them; for instance, digital X-rays, soft tissue lasers, and intraoral cameras
  • Advanced treatment options, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures that are retained by dentures, and cosmetic teeth straightening with Invisalign®
  • Preventive and family dentistry ranging from dental sealants to protect decay-prone back teeth to screenings that identify conditions like oral cancers and tooth decay early into the disease process (when they are easiest to treat successfully)
  • Onsite surgical expertise; for instance, expert removal of impacted wisdom teeth, grafting to build up bone in implant sites, and precision implant planning and placement (we also leverage relationships with the Sound’s top specialists)
  • Sleep apnea, teeth grinding, and TMJ therapies with custom-fit oral appliances

We pride ourselves in maintaining a loyal patient base, due to our commitment to delivering quality care in a kind and friendly way. Likewise, we have developed a dedicated team. So, you see many of the same pleasant and knowledgeable faces at every visit. There is continuity of care. A military veteran, Dr. Hwang is motivated by a commitment to serve – his team, his patients and their families, and the broader community – near and far. His mission work has taken him from Seattle to Mexico, China and Mongolia.

Contact us to discover this commitment to anxiety-free dentistry for yourself. Fear the dental bill? We’re happy to discuss options for payment, including flexible financing through LendingClub.

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There is something so fulfilling about seeing someone’s self-confidence or dignity being restored because we helped them smile! It is a privilege to meet different people, hear their unique stories, and become a small part of their lives.

each morning as we go over every patient we will see that day. There is a long history of colleagues staying for years and hopefully, that says something, not only about the work environment but about the ingrained culture to love and care for others generously.

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