Advantages of All-on-4® dental implants

More patients than ever before can experience and enjoy the multitude of benefits associated with dental implants. Systems such as All-on-4® allow patients with bone loss to get implants without having to undergo bone grafting surgery to build up tissue in the jaws. 

Lady getting ready for a dental treatment

The All-on-4® difference 

Dr. Dan Hwang is among the select dentists in and around the Marysville, Washington area to have expertise in all aspects of the dental implants process. Other dentists can only “restore” the implant; they have to refer the rest of the process to specialists such as oral surgeons. Creo Dentistry is proud to have the on-site knowledge and capabilities to treat the most complex and challenging cases efficiently and effectively. 

Implants essentially represent a superior form of tooth replacement. The implant itself is a cylinder made from a biocompatible material such as titanium. Once placed strategically in the jaw, the implant eventually joins the surrounding bone to become a part of the jaw. Once joined during a natural process, the implant is positioned to function as a tooth root. The implants hold the crowns, bridges, and dentures later added in place like tooth roots. 

You do not need to have an implant placed to support every missing tooth. For patients missing many or all of their teeth, such an approach would be traumatic, time-consuming, and potentially cost-prohibitive. Instead, dentists like Dr. Hwang, who offer systems such as All-on-4®, can place as few as four implants per arch (upper or lower jaw) to support all of the replacement teeth in that area (arch or jaw). 

How is this possible? 

The magic of All-on-4® is in the strategic placement and positioning of the implants in the jaw. For instance, some implants are placed perpendicularly, whereas implants behind them are tilted at an angle. This arrangement provides maximum stability to the replacement teeth. It also maximizes the bone that is available in the mouth. So, you can see how many more patients can benefit from this technique and appreciate this process. Notably, our All-on-4® patients:

  • Do not need to undergo additional procedures to build up bone, for instance, bone grafting. 
  • Never have to be seen in public without teeth. We can place provisional dentures immediately after teeth are extracted. After the extraction sites have healed, you can get your permanent dentures! 
  • Find these implants to be an excellent value and exceptional investment in their smile and health. Implants are easily the costliest part of this form of tooth replacement. The fewer implants that we place, generally the less money out of pocket. Additionally, this particular system has five- to 10-year survival rates exceeding 95%. 

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