Safe, gentle, non-invasive, precise, and fast digital dental x-rays

Happy lady with child sitting on dental chair. dentist standing behind them

While our warm, inviting, and knowledgeable team at Creo Dentistry plays a starring role in creating a comfortable and safe experience at the dentist’s office, Dr. Dan Hwang has also invested in diagnostic and treatment technologies to support this mission. These technologies at our office in Marysville, Washington play a supportive yet vital role. They have replaced or reduced our reliance on conventional techniques, which are associated with common sources of dental fear, apprehension, more invasive treatment, less preservation of natural tissues, and greater risks of undesirable side effects.

Advanced tools like digital dental X-ray systems are also highly precise and can be used to better educate patients on what is going on in their mouths. When they are more aware of the underlying conditions, patients can make better, more informed decisions about their oral health and treatment options.

Generally, these systems differ from conventional X-rays (or radiography) as they use sensors and plates to render very detailed images of the inside of the mouth. Traditional radiography uses X-ray film. The specialized sensors produce images using a fraction of the radiation exposure associated with film-based X-rays. This makes digital X-rays an appropriate way to pinpoint problems or confirm a diagnosis of an underlying condition even among young, pediatric patients. Depending on the system that is used, digital X-rays can reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% versus conventional systems.

It also facilitates a convenient and comfortable experience for our young patients who are fidgety, or for those who are apprehensive about dental treatment. We can create and view images immediately. Digital technologies have removed many of the uncomfortable and time-consuming aspects of taking and presenting images of teeth, gums, and oral cavities that have plagued traditional approaches. Our patients also appreciate that we can show them exactly where conditions such as “hidden” decay are located. There is no taking our word for it, or squinting to see trouble areas. These technologies aid in the production of images that are exceptionally clear and detailed. Importantly, this feature aids inaccurate diagnostics. An accurate diagnosis assures effective treatment and prompt resolution of symptoms and conditions. Diagnostics at Creo Dentistry are safe, comfortable, precise, and fast. Experience the differences for yourself. Call us at (360) 502-7217 to schedule your appointment.