A guide to family dentistry for infants, children, teens, adults, and seniors

Happy family

At Creo Dentistry, we are honored that you are considering us as your “dental home”! Our patients double as extended members of our family. Since our approach is built on proactive dentistry and consistent, routine checkups at our practice in Marysville, Washington, Dr. Dan Hwang and the team get to know you and your loved ones well. We are aware of your medical history, preferences, and needs. We are also able to stay on top of changes that inevitably occur with age. Here, we’ve provided a few ways that our highly personalized dentistry is tailored to each family member and grows with you. 

Infants and children 

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that the first dental visit be scheduled within six months of the first tooth being visible in the smile or no later than a child’s first birthday (whichever milestone comes first). During these early visits, we get you and your child comfortable with us. We also provide suggestions on how to clean gums and baby teeth effectively. Even though baby teeth are temporary, they serve an important developmental function; in part, they help guide the permanent teeth into proper placement. 

Like with healthy adults, we will want to get your child into the habit of visiting us once every six months for checkups. During these exams and professional cleanings by our hygienists, Dr. Hwang may also recommend preventive services. These services include dental sealants to protect decay-prone, grooved back teeth and fluoride supplementation to boost the teeth’ protective “armor” or enamel. 


As your child gets older, more commitments are competing for their time. We work closely with our patients to ensure they stay on top of the regular visits and consistently have good oral hygiene at home that keeps their teeth and gums healthy. Since an attractive smile plays an essential role in a teen’s self-confidence, we recommend orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. Of course, correcting misalignment and bite issues also plays a pivotal role in oral and overall health. Straightening with clear aligners like Invisalign® may be a discreet and preferred option for teens and adults. 

For those young athletes among us, Dr. Hwang may recommend custom mouthguards. These oral appliances not only effectively protect the teeth and oral tissues from injuries during sports, but they have also been shown to limit the motion of the head and the risks of concussion. 

Adults and seniors 

As we get older, there can be new challenges to our oral health that we have never experienced before. Each checkup serves to track your oral health and the medical conditions that can affect your teeth and gums or that can be affected by the state of your teeth and gums. For instance, it is vital that we get periodontal disease under control as it can affect our ability to keep our blood sugars and diabetes under control. Likewise, diabetes can contribute to periodontal infections due to inadequate blood supply to the gums. 

Another threat to your good oral health comes in the form of “xerostomia,” which is simply the medical term for “dry mouth.” Dry mouth is associated with hundreds of different medical conditions and the drugs used to manage these diseases. As saliva is a natural cleanser, impaired salivary flow is a risk factor for tooth decay and gum disease. During your visits, we recommend techniques, products, and services tailored to your needs and that promptly resolve the specific problem at hand. 

We have a wide range of preventive, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services for you and your family to benefit from – and for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Call Creo Dentistry in Marysville, WA at (360) 502-7217 to schedule an appointment for yourself or a relative.