Gum contouring for a balanced, attractive smile

Examine the gum disease

With Dr. Dan Hwang’s skilled hands, and with the proper tools, Creo Dentistry in Marysville, Washington can create a more balanced and attractive smile. Or, he can restore a smile back to its original, natural beauty and health. One of the ways that he does this is with “contouring”; both hard tissues (teeth) and soft tissues (gums) can be reshaped or contoured.

The power of gum contouring

Our gums not only support the health of our teeth, but they also “frame” our teeth. So, the appearance of our gums can either help or hinder the overall appearance of our smile. Much of what dental artists like Dr. Hwang do on a day-to-day basis is about restoring or creating harmony among different parts of the mouth and oral anatomy. The relationship between each part of the whole smile or oral cavity plays an important role in both aesthetics and function.

During a consultation at our office, patients who are excellent candidates for gum contouring may complain that they have an overly “gummy” smile. The appearance of the gums can overwhelm the teeth, and throw off those lovely, attractive proportions. This technique involves altering or repositioning the gum tissue, as sometimes there may be just one portion of the gum line that is detracting from a stunning smile. Other times, a portion of the tissue may be removed to reveal more of the white teeth underneath. As with all of the treatments at our office, gingival (gum) contouring or reshaping is a highly customized procedure. Your needs and, in turn, specific treatment recommendations depend on factors such as the thickness and location of the troublesome gummy tissue.

Gentle treatment for all

One thing that all patients share is a comfortable, painless, and pleasant experience at our office. Dr. Hwang and his team are trained on and experienced with the safe use of precision dental technologies and tools that support gentle, risk-free treatment. For example, soft tissue lasers may be used to alter the gums and provide a “lift” to your smile by showing more of the teeth underneath. Laser dentistry is largely well-tolerated and is associated with fewer side effects (such as post-operative discomfort). After all, the energy generated by light from a laser beam may be used to manipulate and remove tissues, rather than cutting instruments like scalpels. Our patients with dental fear and anxiety, in particular, appreciate our approach and no longer fear or dread treatment at the dentist’s office!

With nothing to fear and an improved smile to look forward to, do not delay scheduling your appointment today. Call Creo Dentistry at (360) 502-7217.