Dr. Dan Hwang DMD

There is something so fulfilling about seeing someone’s self-confidence or dignity being restored because we helped them smile! It is a privilege to meet different people, hear their unique stories, and become a small part of their lives.

I come to the clinic each day counting my blessings because I have the most trustworthy and coolest team ever! My staff gives me a reason to smile and laugh each morning as we go over every patient we will see that day. There is a long history of colleagues staying for years and hopefully, that says something, not only about the work environment but about the ingrained culture to love and care for others generously.



After earning my DMD, I spent three years with the US Air Force. I had the best time ever serving with America’s finest service members. I salute anyone who is both currently serving and have served in the armed forces. I’ve always been a believer that you’re a student for life. I believe dentistry has come a long way in terms of adding comfort and value to people; however, there is always room to grow and be better. I always keep my eyes and ears peeled to know how I can serve my patients better and with greater comfort and ease. Each year I want to invest the best into our patients by learning and teaching more than three times the required continuing education on the latest topics and procedures in dentistry.

Dr. Dan Hwang DMD



My wife is a classical piano teacher. She loves to teach young children who are passionate about music. She demands excellence from her kids but the takeaway is a lifelong appreciation for the arts. She also cooks with reckless abandon as if there is no tomorrow. We both absolutely love going to farmer’s markets in whatever communities they pop up around the Sound. I love the idea of supporting local growers who are passionate about growing natural, sustainable, and honest food. I love a good hike or skiing depending on the season and then jamming on guitar or keyboards when it rains. The quest to find the near-perfect espresso always makes me smile.

Lastly, I really believe in the youth who will be the next generation of movers and shakers. I feel privileged and blessed to hang with youth. There’s just something about their vigor, energy, and big dreams that is so inspiring!

If there’s a chance to go on a mission for a worthwhile cause, I’d love to be a part of it. If there is youth going abroad, I’m even more hyped about being part of it! I’ve participated in medical and dental missions in Mexico, China, and Mongolia. Being a part of these trips gives so much meaning to my life and shows me my greater purpose. Closer to home, I am involved with Medical Teams International mobile dental clinic vans, Union Gospel Mission dental clinic in Seattle, and am a youth group teacher at my church.