Creo Dentistry offers Oral Surgery solutions

Man getting ready for a dental treatment

Dr. Dan Hwang of Creo Dentistry in Marysville, Washington offers a wide range of procedures to patients in the community. That includes oral surgery. Not every dentist has experience in oral surgery, and at other practices, many patients are referred to an oral surgeon. At our practice, Dr. Dan Hwang handles both routine dental services as well as oral surgery.

What oral surgeries are performed at Creo Dentistry?

Our team is proud to offer the following oral surgery solutions for our patients:

  • Wisdom teeth removal – wisdom teeth, or the “third molars,” tend to become problematic for many patients. In most situations, we will have them extracted during simple or surgical extraction. These teeth often develop in the late teen years and early adulthood, disrupting otherwise healthy smiles.
  • Receding gum surgery – patients who have had gum recession due to periodontal disease will need to restore their gums to protect their remaining teeth. Receding gum surgery may include grafting donor gum tissue to rebuild the gum line and improve the patient’s smile.
  • Dental bone grafting – patients considering dental implants will need sufficient bone to place them. Individuals who have experienced bone resorption will need to work with a dentist like Dr. Hwang, who can provide dental bone grafting to build up the bone designed to become the foundation of the new dental implants when placed.
  • Placement of dental implants – dental implants are a popular choice for patients who are faced with tooth loss, though this option requires oral surgery. The implants themselves are placed into the jawbone and are restored on top to replace missing teeth and revitalize the smile’s function and appearance.

Are you ready for oral surgery services?

Dr. Dan Hwang and his team at Creo Dentistry are here to assist patients with their oral surgery needs in the same dental practice they obtain their regular care. If you reside in Marysville WA and nearby areas of Lake Stevens, Arlington, Everett, Stanwood, and Camano Island, the team at Creo Dentistry looks forward to meeting you. Contact us today at (360) 502-7217 to schedule your appointment at our Marysville office. We accept new and established patients and families.