Overcome dental phobia with Sedation Dentistry options

Lady having sedation treatment

Severe dental phobia can keep many patients from getting the dental care they need. At Creo Dentistry, we understand that many patients have a fear of the dentist. That is why we provide various sedation dentistry options for Marysville, Washington area patients to consider during their next visit to our practice. Our team of professionals offers several solutions to choose from, including the following sedation methods:

  • Nitrous oxide – many dentists have found nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” to be an excellent option for patients with mild anxieties regarding visiting the dentist. This gas is administered through the nose. It is odorless and colorless and can be easily reversed with the administration of oxygen. Nitrous oxide is adjustable to the patient’s needs.
  • Oral conscious sedation – patients with more moderate anxieties may be more comfortable with oral conscious sedation. Dr. Dan Hwang will prescribe a sedative medication that patients will take before they arrive at the dentist’s office. They come awake and coherent and can answer questions and speak to the dentist about their needs. Patients are transported home afterwards to rest and wake up without recollection of their appointment. This type of sedation does require patients to arrange transportation to and from their visit as they cannot drive while under these sedatives.
  • IV sedation – for our most anxious patients, we may suggest the use of IV sedation. This sedation type allows the doctor to administer sedation directly into the bloodstream for a deeper sedation effect. Patients who have severe dental phobia may find this to be a desirable option. IV sedation is often used for patients who have extensive dental work done and maybe in the chair for quite some time.

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