Shedding light on gentle, conservative dentistry with soft tissue lasers

Dental anxiety and fear are common; however, at Creo Dentistry, we have the antidote to crippling apprehension about visiting the dentist’s office. We blend our friendly, non-judgmental approach to care with advanced technologies. The technologies that Dr. Dan Hwang has invested in support the most gentle, painless, comfortable, fast, precise, and safe experiences at our practice in Marysville, Washington. These advanced tools include the soft-tissue laser.

Shedding light on laser dentistry 

Laser devices at the dental practice eliminate many of the most prevalent sources or “triggers” behind dental fear, anxiety, and phobia. These triggers include: 

  • The sight of needles and cutting tools 
  • The sound of the dental drill
  • Clinical smells 
  • The sensation of numbing anesthetic 
  • The invasive nature of instruments such as scalpels 

Laser-assisted services allow dentists like Dr. Hwang to complete procedures without using cutting instruments such as scalpels. He does so by directing the handheld laser toward the targeted treatment site. The laser then emits therapeutic light. The energy produced by the light from the laser beam can be used to smooth or otherwise alter tissues. Lasers may be designed to treat “soft tissues,” such as damaged gums and oral mucosa, and “hard tissues,” such as the teeth and supporting bone. Still, other laser systems have been developed to be remarkably versatile in that they can be used to treat both soft and hard tissues. All tissues are associated mainly with: 

  • More comfortable treatment 
  • A pleasant experience for fearful or anxious patients 
  • A safe therapy for all sorts of patients, including children 
  • Little to no side effects, such as pain and bleeding 
  • Conservative dentistry that preserves maximal natural tissues 
  • Speedy and healthy healing 
  • Tissue regeneration 
  • Pain-free dentistry. So, numbing anesthetic is often not needed. 
  • Faster treatment – less time “chairside.”

We could go on and on about the benefits of technologies like soft-tissue lasers. However, we encourage you to experience the advantages for yourself. At our practice, these laser systems have many applications — from eradicating harmful bacteria from periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums to resolving active gum disease and supporting healthy attachments between the hard and soft tissues—Call (360) 502-7217 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Hwang.